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Will Nicki Minaj return next week? Let’s hope so

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So, I guess the big question now isn’t whether Nicki Minaj will show up on time for the Top 9 performance show.

But whether she’ll show up at all.

Nicki Minaj smiles for the press Tuesday afternoon at an American Idol press conference. (AP Photo)When Curtis Finch landed in the bottom two Thursday night, Idol’s most brazen judge pronounced she’d leave if he did.

When it became apparent he was the low vote-getter, she hopped out of her seat and seemed ready to leave the set until Keith Urban encouraged her to hang around.

Then she sulked during deliberations over whether Curtis deserved a save and complained about a lack of time to discuss saving Curtis when the judges decided not to.

Nicki, as much as I think you’ve brought a breath of fresh air to the judging table, I’d say this:

1. You need to brush up on your Idol history. Judges should not use the save in Week 1. You might need it on someone far more worthy of saving later in the season.

2. Had you shown up on time Wednesday, you might have spied Curtis before he performed and talked him out of wearing that hideous red paisley jacket. Because he sure was in need of the Nicki Minaj fashion advice you’re so fond of doling out.

3. It’s a little tough to sympathize with whatever lack of time you had to discuss Curtis’ fate on Thursday when you were late arriving to Wednesday’s show. Remember, you weren’t even there to judge Curtis? Had you been, perhaps you could have put a positive spin on his lackluster take on a Fantasia song.

That said, I hope you’re back Wednesday night.


This judging panel would be sooo boring without you.

I mean, look at that, you even managed to put a twist on tonight’s results show.

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  1. Anthony March 15, 2013 at 3:35 am -  Reply

    I would not be the least disappointed to she her leave. The level of professionalism has been insurmountable and grievous. The lack of respect shown during Curtis’s judging was in poor character. The Idol voting is set up at this stage to be voted on by the public. To rant that this is completely wrong is to disenfranchise the fan’s both Nikki’s and Idol alike.

  2. ColoMom March 15, 2013 at 11:22 pm -  Reply

    When Nicki said she would leave if Curtis was eliminated I shouted Yes! Yes! Yes! You are absolutely correct that the save should NOT be used on the first elimination…way too soon. I rmember one year when it was used early & on a later show you could tell the judges wished they had saved it. But mostly would someone PLEASE tell Nicki that it is called American Idol NOT the Nicki Minaj Show. She has no consideration of anyone else. She talks way too long. I’ve seen more than once where Mariah has to cut her comments short as there was no time left. Nicki the show did fine before you came & it will do great when you leave, the sooner the better.

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