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Voters get one right and one very wrong on X Factor

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Three 13-year-old females are among the final 10 contestants on The X Factor.

I keep thinking one of them is bound to be eliminated.

It hasn’t happened yet, obviously.

And it certainly shouldn’t happen tonight.

In a night filled with emotional performances, the three best from Wednesday were delivered by Beatrice Miller, Diamond White and Carly Rose Sonenclar. Go here for Wednesday’s song by song grades.

Beatrice and Diamond turned in their best efforts since the live shows started; Carly Rose … well, she was pretty much pitch-perfect in the Carly Rose fashion we’re getting used to.

So if they’re all safe, who should worry tonight on The X Factor.

The list should start and end with Arin Ray and Paige Thomas.

On a night of superlative performances, they were just OK. And that might not be good enough for a pair of contestants who have been close to elimination before.

In addition to a double elimination, we’ll also be treated to a performance by 19-year-old British teen Cher Lloyd as The X Factor continues to ignore its own Season 1 top finishers in favor of transplants from the British version of the show.

And the first act is about to be eliminated. Getting the lowest number of votes last night …

Arin Ray: Not a huge surprise. He got negative feedback from the judges after last night’s performance of “Hero” and had failed to produce a breakthrough performance through three weeks of live shows.

Now it’s Cher Lloyd time on X Factor USA, where they keep promoting contestants from the X Factor UK. Sorry, Melanie Amaro. Apparently you don’t merit air-time on the show you won last year.

Time for more results.

Advancing this week …

  • Diamond White. Well deserved this time. She was excellent last night.
  • Vino Alan. Did anyone think he wouldn’t make it after singing “God Bless the USA?”
  • Carly Rose Sonenclar. Duh?
  • Tate Stevens. Consistently solid and the top vote-getter two straight weeks.
  • Paige Thomas. Huh? She seriously should have been on the chopping block.
  • Emblem 3. They were flat-out mediocre last night, but I didn’t expect them to pay for it.

That means Cece Frey and Beatrice Miller will have to sing for the save.

Wow, I don’t want to see either leave this week. But Cece was the shakiest vocally last night.

Cece Frey will perform first. She’s singing “Because of You.” Honestly, I didn’t even recognize the song at first. I’m pretty certain if this comes down purely to vocals, she is not the contestant who should advance. I just hate to see her get cut after that incredibly emotional performance last night. Problem is, she hasn’t sounded special vocally since the live shows began. Though that was a nice ending.

Beatrice Miller does not deserve to be in this situation after how well she sang last night. Her song is “I Will Go Down with This Ship.” Which she performs quite well considering how emotional she is over the prospect of being eliminated. In terms of sounding special, Beatrice has it all over Cece.

Now to the judges …

Demi, Cece’s coach, votes to send home Beatrice.

Britney, Beatrice’s coach, votes to send home Cece.

L.A. votes to send home Beatrice.

Simon votes to send home Beatrice.

And, on X Factor, we watch another 13-year-old fall apart on stage at the point of elimination.

Echoes of Rachel Crow, right? And one reason I’m not a fan of having kids this young on the show.

Oh, and the 2nd straight week there’s been a ridiculous elimination on this show.

But, have no fear, mediocre Emblem 3 marches on.

Oops, I was so upset by Beatrice’s elimination, I almost checked out before this week’s order of finish was announced.

And it is …

7)  Fifth Harmony

6) Paige Thomas

5) Diamond White

4) Emblem 3 (good, they didn’t advance)

3) Vino Alan

2) Tate Stevens

1) Carly Rose Sonenclar, who bumps Tate from the top spot for the first time


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  1. cristina r November 23, 2012 at 3:41 am -  Reply

    very wrong decision!!!
    Beatrice should have stayed!!!!!! her voice is amaizing!!…. cece still in …seriously…
    unbelievable :(

  2. DaisyKary November 23, 2012 at 8:53 pm -  Reply

    Such a shame to lose Beatrice. I don’t think she ever got to really show who she is. Britney gave her the wrong songs. Cece should have gone home already. I’m not buying her all-of-a-sudden-I’m-a-nice-girl routine and her vocals have been bad the last few weeks. I think Arin is better than what we got to see. He’s more of an Usher-type artist. Again – he was given the wrong songs. Emblem 3 has to go! I love boybands, but not this one.

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