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Malaya Watson heads home on American Idol

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Someone goes home tonight on American Idol.

That’s guaranteed.

Ryan Seacrest with Sam Woolf and Alex Preston following their duet Wednesday night. (FOX Photo)

Ryan Seacrest with Sam Woolf and Alex Preston following their duet Wednesday night. (FOX Photo)

Since the judges used their only save of the season on the teachers’ pet — that would be Sam Woolf — the low vote-getter tonight automatically goes home.

Oh, they get to do a farewell performance, but it won’t be in hopes of being saved.

And if your name is Dexter Roberts or Malaya Watson, you have to be more than a little worried heading into tonight’s show.

Their songs from Wednesday were the only ones not to chart on iTunes today.

Dexter had the misfortune of performing second, always a dangerous spot on a two-hour show. Then he was saddled with a turkey of a duet song — “Islands in the Stream” — though I thought he and Jess Meuse pulled it off as well as could be expected.

Malaya … well, I don’t even know what to say about her last three performances.

Between her engaging personality and the improvement she was showing, I was starting to think she might go deep into the competition.

Then came last week’s brutal duet with Sam Woolf, followed by last night’s brutal performance of “Through the Fire,” followed by another brutal duet with C.J. Harris.

In my book, that’s three strikes and she’s out.

But we won’t find out for another half-hour of course.

In the meantime, if you’d like to check out how the Idols did on iTunes today, head here. I updated the blog at 8 p.m.

And the results begin:

Dexter Roberts: Glad to see him squeeze through. He didn’t belong in the bottom three based on last night.
Jess Meuse: She hasn’t landed in the bottom three yet, but she needs to step up the performance level
Caleb Johnson: No way he was bottom three bound. He was excellent last night.
Sam Woolf: Well, apparently all the special treatment paid off.
Jena Irene: This gal belongs in the finals based on what’s happened so far in Season 13.
Alex Preston: So, voters agreed with Alex and not with Jennifer.

In the bottom two:
C.J. Harris: Well, if he doesn’t go home this week, he needs to go home next week.
Malaya Watson: She should be going home this week.

And going home:
Malaya Watson.

Congrats to the voters. They did a better job of judging this week than the judges did.

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