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Meet the other American Idol gals from Chicago II

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The number of golden ticket recipients from each American Idol audition city far exceed the number of contestants we meet on the show.

Here are some of the female singers we didn’t meet during the Chicago audition episode.

I’ve included a blurb on each with information gleaned from their Road to Hollywood videos on

In cases where a video of them singing or performing could be located, I’ve also included that.

If you know of existing YouTube videos for a contestant who doesn’t have one below, simply let me know and I’ll add it.

And head here for a look at the other Hollywood-bound contestants on American Idol.

Emmy Bodner advanced to Hollywood on American Idol.Emmy Bodner

From Georgetown, Ind., this young lady says she’s been singing since she was 4 years old. She describes herself as a country girl who likes to get dressed up and perform, but who also enjoys the outdoors. Her biggest inspiration is her family, she says, because of the way they support her musical ambitions. “They can tell from the look on my face when I sing that that’s what makes me the happiest,” she says. Her favorite Idols are Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Her first thought upon earning her golden ticket: road trip. “I’ve never been to L.A. Or anywhere really,” she says.

“Beautiful Disaster”
For more of Emmy singing along and with Exit 119, head here.

Jayne Jaeger advanced to Hollywood on American Idol.Jayne Jaeger

Jayne admits she burst into tears upon getting her golden ticket. The gal from Clarendon Hills, Ill., says she didn’t think she’d make it halfway through her audition; the judges didn’t seem to see her as a pop star. But she got three “yes” votes and says that was really emotional. She sings opera and is a vocal performance major at the University of Michigan. Being from the Chicago area, she’s also a huge Haley Reinhart fan and says she attended her Idol homecoming parade back near the end of Season 10. As for her inspiration: That would be American Idol, which she says she’s been watching since she was really young.

No video located.

Josie Lowder advanced to Hollywood on American Idol.Josie Lowder

This young woman from Springfield, Ill., says she’s been “incubating for too long.” Josie says she comes from a musical family, so the love of song comes very naturally to her. She also thinks her free spirited-ness makes her unique. “I think that’s what we need more of in music,” she says. “We need people in this industry who aren’t going to be molded into something. They’re already themselves. They don’t need to be molded into something. That’s me.” She’s a major fan of Elise Testone, at one point even talked about doing a show with her. “Next thing I know, she’s on TV.” So Josie figured she’d give Idol a try as well.

“Here to Love” (original)
For more of Josie singing, head here

Keri Lynn Roche advanced to Hollywood on American Idol.Keri Lynn Roche

Keri admits her expections were low when she auditioned in Chicago, but the Detroit native says the “horizons have broadened” now that she received a golden ticket to Hollywood. She points to her mother as a “huge influence” and says her family has always been big in the performance industry, without describing exactly what she means. As for herself, she’s a fan of Gwen Stefani and says she has always been impressed by “loud, outrageous performers. Her favorite past Idol is Kelly Clarkson.

“Love the Way You Lie”
For more music from Keri Lynn, head here.

Remington Maxwell advanced to Hollywood on American Idol.Remington Maxwell

Remington’s mom and friends bugged her to try out for Idol. Now, Hollywood bound, she’s “so glad I did.” But if her mom gave her the Idol push, it’s her dad that inspires her musically. At age 46, he plays in a local band. “No matter whether he’s bigtime or not, that’s what he loves to do,” Remington says. “That’s what I love to do. And I’m always going to do it, just like he does.” She says Kelly Clarkson is her favorite Idol because she’s gone so far after the show and because “she’s a rocker. And she reminds me of myself.”

“Tomorrow” (original)

Schyler Dixon advanced to Hollywood on American Idol.Schyler Dixon

Schyler is Hollywood bound for the third straight year. Yep, she’s Colton Dixon’s sister. But don’t forget, she made it all the way to Vegas last year before getting cut. She says Colton is her biggest musical influence and helps her with her audition songs. Her other favorite past Idol contestant is Carrie Underwood. Schyler is from Murfeesboro, Tenn., has a southern accent that she says is particularly noticeable during Hollywood Week in California. But she also has a soulful quality to her voice, so she sings country / R&B. “Sounds really weird,” she admits, “but I’m hoping to show America this year.”

“I Won’t Give Up” (with former Idol semifinalist Tim Halperin)
For more from Schyler, head here

Shelby Searcy advanced to Hollywood on American Idol.Shelby Searcy

A performance back in fifth grade convinced this gal from Medina, Ohio, that she wanted to keep singing. She performed “Walking on Sunshine” and was told by one listener that the song gave her goosebumps and made her want to cry. Shelby likes that ability to influence people with her music. She also thinks her voice is unique. It’s not that high and it’s not that belty, she says, describing it as soft and jazzy. Her favorite past Idol is Phillip Phillips. She especially liked how he refused to change his style at the suggestion of Tommy Hilfiger and insisted on remaining true to himself, saying that made for a very good role model.

For another video of Shelby singing, head here.

Shelby Tweten advanced to Hollywood on American Idol.Shelby Tweten

A year ago, this Mankato, Minn., native was one of the final three females to learn their fate in Vegas. She wound up heading home; the spot she was after went to Hollie Cavanagh, who wound up finishing fourth. Now she’s back because “why the heck not.” She says her mother is her inspiration. They’d sing together a lot, and Shelby says she was determined to get good enough to handle solo parts. So she belted out the national anthem whenever her family wasn’t home, working on her range. She says peoople compare her to Haley Reinhart because of the raspiness in her voice and compare her hair to Taylor Swift. “But I’m really just Shelby.” Her favorite past Idol contestant is Carrie Underwood because of the types of messages she delivers with her music.

“Someday When I Stop Loving You”
For another video of Shelby singing, head here.

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