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Ranking the Top 8 on The Voice

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Gone is Bria Kelly, one of the early-season favorites to contend for The Voice Season 6 crown.

Gone is Tess Boyer, a young pop singer so talented she was saved three times over the course of the competition.

The Top 8 on The Voice, Josh Kaufman, Jake Worthington, Sisaundra Lewis, Audra McLaughlin, Christina Grimmie, Kristen Merlin, Kat Perkins and Delvin Choice. (NBC Photo)

The Top 8 on The Voice, Josh Kaufman, Jake Worthington, Sisaundra Lewis, Audra McLaughlin, Christina Grimmie, Kristen Merlin, Kat Perkins and Delvin Choice. (NBC Photo)

That’s how quickly very talented singers depart on The Voice with its weekly double eliminations.

The Top 8 take the stage Monday night, and this time lady rocker Kat Perkins is the singer trying to become the first ever on the show to survive elimination the week after being instantly saved.

Her coach, Adam Levine, promises she’ll do it.

We’ll see.

On with the rankings, with last week’s standing in parenthesis.

1. Christina Grimmie (1, Team Adam): She was number one last week and is going nowhere after that brilliant take on Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” It cracked the Top 10 on iTunes. And I’ll be shocked if it’s the last time the talented 20-year-old chalks up those type of bonus points.

2. Jake Worthington (3, Team Blake): Did he struggle a bit at the opening of last week’s cover of George Strait’s “Run.” Yep. But take Jake’s country charm and Blake’s popularity as a coach on this show, and it’s a winning combination. It would take a major, major stumble for Jake to be in trouble this week.

3. Kristen Merlin (7, Team Shakira): No mic familiar. No sympathy vote. No problem for Kristen, who just took the stage and delivered a wonderfully emotional performance of Passenger’s “Let Her Go.” Folks, it was the second most popular song on iTunes last week. So far, Kristen’s the surprise of Season 6.

4. Sisaundra Lewis (2, Team Adam): Do I still think Sisaundra is one of the two top singers on the show? Yep. And I suspect she might be headed for an earlier than deserved exit, like Season 4’s Judith Hill (8th). She had everything going for her last week, including the pimp spot, and was only 7th best on iTunes.

5. Josh Kaufman (4, Team Usher): On a show filled with wonderful female singers, Usher has one of the best guys. But he’s down to one contestant and he’d better be careful. The song he served up to Josh — Kenny Loggins’ “This is It” was perhaps the night’s biggest turkey of a song choice.

6. Delvin Choice (7, Team Adam): After serving up a steady diet of classics, Delvin made sure everything knew his name with a rocking version of “Bright Lights,” a 2011 release by Gary Clark Jr., last week. It was the night’s most fun performance. Advice for Delvin: Stay current.

7. Kat Perkins (5, Team Adam): Sorry, Adam, but the odds are against Kat. She has a great voice, but it would help if she took a classic rock song and did something unique with it, rather than, for instance, mimicking Stevie Nicks on a song like “Landslide” or Heart on “Magic Man.”

8. Audra McLaughlin (9, Team Blake): Congrats to Audra, who performed first last week and still scored the third biggest hit on iTunes, cracking the Top 10 on the site’s country chart. But she’s still number three on Team Blake and number three among country singers still standing.

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