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Ranking the Top 8 on American Idol

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This should be the best week yet for the Season 13 finalists on American Idol.

They’ll get to sing a song with which they’re familiar.

They’ll get to sing a song with which they’ve already enjoyed success.

Just eight remain on American Idol; they'll take on their audition songs a second time Wednesday night. (FOX Photo)

Just eight remain on American Idol; they’ll take on their audition songs a second time Wednesday night. (FOX Photo)

That’s because this week’s theme is “Back to the Start,” meaning the Idols will get to perform the songs that earned them golden tickets during their Season 13 auditions.

So, just for the fun of it, I’ve included audition videos with this week’s rankings.

With this caveat: Some singers auditioned with more than one song, so I can’t guarantee they’ll sing the same tune Wednesday night.

1. Jena Irene (1): She got the chance to close the show last week and didn’t waste it, turning in the best performance of the night and one of the best of Season 6. If the season ended now, she should win.

“Rolling in the Deep”

2. Caleb Johnson (2): He’s been the most consistent performer to date. He also deserves a huge thanks — until he took the stage for a possessed version of “Dazed and Confused,” last week’s show was an exercise in mediocrity.

“Into the Void”

3. Jess Meuse (3): Speaking of possessed, Jess turned in a very pretty version of “Rhiannon” last week, but wasn’t possessed enough to pull off an Idol moment. That could change this week if she gets to sing the original, embedded below.

“Blue Eyed Lie” (original)

4. Alex Preston (5): I’m not sure I appreciate Alex’s unique tone as much as his fans do, but he’s consistently solid — in spite of those rolled-up pants. Like Jess, he just might get to perform an original on Wednesday night.

“Fairytales” (an original)

5. Malaya Watson (9): Her youthful exuberance is certainly appealing, and she’s learning not to let it affect her vocals. That’s a huge step forward for a singer with nice range. At this point, she gets the award for most improved.

“Ain’t No Way”

6. Sam Woolf (4): It’s a strange day on American idol when the cute guy with a guitar keeps landing in the bottom three. And keeps dropping on this list. I was surprised to see him finish behind Dexter Roberts last week.

“Lego House”

7. Dexter Roberts (7): Another week, another karaoke country performance from Dexter? He’s running out of time to do what the judges have been asking since week one — that he take a well-known country song and make it his own.


8. C.J. Harris (8): The guy from Jasper, Ala., is lucky to have survived the past two weeks considering his off-key performances. He just seems to freeze up on stage. Will singing a song he’s been successful with before help?

“Soul Shine”

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