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Ranking American Idol’s top 10 gals

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Ten female singers. Just five spots in the finals.

That’s the scenario facing the American Idol ladies on Tuesday when they square off in a two-hour show.

For the first time, they’ll be performing live.

And, for the first time, their fate will be in the hands of Idol viewers.

Here are my rankings of the Top 10. The link attached to each singers’ name will take you to a bio and, in most cases, pre-Idol music.

1. Angela Miller: She created a buzz with her original song in Hollywood. And no one has stolen that buzz yet. But another Jessie J. song might earn her a scolding from Nicki.

“Nobody’s Perfect”

2. Janelle Arthur:
She’s better than she showed in Vegas. Heck, she was better every other time we’ve heard her. She’s also one of the most personable contestants among the ladies.

“Just a Kiss”

3. Candice Glover: Lots of screen times. Lots of deserved praise from the judges for her vocals. She might want to freshen up her material; Nicki is clearly focused on contestants being “current.”

“Natural Woman”

4. Kree Harrison: Her version of “Up to the Mountain” might have been the best vocal in Vegas. Period. Now she has to hope there’s room in the finals for two gals who like to sing country music. Why not?

“Up to the Mountain”

5. Aubrey Cleland: The judges gushed over her marketability, and it’s easy to see why. I’d like to see her do something upbeat Tuesday. It’s her third time on the show, which could give her an edge.

“Sweet Dreams”

6. Breanna Steer: She’s got the look. She’s got the sass judging from that Vegas performance of “Bust Your Windows.” Now she has to uncork a vocal that outshines the better publicized contestants who are higher on this list.

“Bust Your Windows”

7. Adriana Latonio: She was the surprise on Night 1 of Vegas, delivering a spot-on vocal. She’d like to be the Jessica Sanchez of Season 12. That was a good start for the youngest lady (17) still standing.

“Ain’t No Way”

8. Tenna Torres: She’s the most seasoned of the ladies, has an impressive array of music on YouTube and earned high praise in Vegas. But will viewers connect after having seen so little of her to this point?


9. Amber Holcomb: Who? Yeah, she’s been to Vegas two straight years and her show-closing performance on Night 1 in Vegas was the first time we met her. That lack of screen time will hurt.

“My Funny Valentine”

10. Zoanette Johnson: Watch back that booty-shaking, not-one-serious note audition from Oklahoma City. Then explain to me what Zoanette is doing in the semifinals. Hopefully, her Idol “journey” ends this week.

“Circle of Life”

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