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Michelle Chamuel is back with a new EP

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Michelle Chamuel, Season 4 runner-up on The Voice, is back with a new EP.

But you won’t find her post-Voice single, “Go Down Singing,” on it.

Michelle Chamuel of Season 4 of The Voice has released a new EP.

Michelle Chamuel of Season 4 of The Voice has released a new EP.

This is a project she had been working on for about year with Michigan producer Arjun Singh, Michelle reports on her website.

In fact, on iTunes, the EP is released as Michelle Chamuel and Arjun Singh.

It’s called “Drift” and features six original tracks of electronic music.

You’ll recall that was one of Michelle’s pre-Voice specialties. In addition to performing with the band Ella Riot, she had released a pair of electro rock EPs as the Reverb Junkie.

This EP is definitely worth a listen. My favorite tracks are “Not Now” and “In My Head.” The title track features rapper Isaac Castor of Ann Arbor, Mich.

I’ve embedded “In My Head” below for your listening pleasure.

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