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Meet Warren Stone of Team Adam on The Voice

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His audition: Warren Stone, 31, of Hanna, S.C., auditioned with the Zac Brown Band’s “Colder Weather.” Adam Levine turned around almost instantly, followed by Shakira and, near the end of the song, Blake. Warren, somewhat surprisingly, joined Team Adam.

Warren Stone of Team Adam on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Warren Stone of Team Adam on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Battle round: Adam teamed up his two male country singers, Warren and Michael “Big Country” Austin and asked them to sing Jason Aldean’s “My Kinda Party.” Warren prevailed.

Knockout Round: He sang “Died in Your Arms,” but lost to Sarah Simmons, who performed “Wild Horses.”

His background: Warren is a full-time firefighter and father of two. But he played in a band for 13 years before stopping gigging so often so he could be a firefighter and a full-time dad. He says the firefighting job is both fun and satisfying, but he auditioned for The Voice to show his children “you never give up on your dreams.”

His choice of Adam: “They tell us time and time again to just go with your gut (during the blind audition) and, just talking with them after the chairs turned and whatnot, there were just a connection (with Adam) so to say. And I really felt that he would give me 110 percent, which he has. He has been phenomenal thus far and I’m really excited for what the future’s going to hold.”

What the show didn’t show: According to a story on, Warren learned guitar from his grandfather. And in a post-audition interview, Warren explained that he did music full-time for 12 years before becoming a firefighter, felt he was close to making it on a couple of occasions, “but it just wasn’t the right time.” That firefighting job is with the Windy Hill Fire Department in Florence, S.C., according to, which also interviewed his ex-wife, Jennifer, who’s clearly rooting for Warren to do well. In 2012, Warren released an album with Midway Blue called “Between Jesus and James Dean.” Two tracks are embedded below.

Quote: “I would love to go have a drink with Blake, but I think for this, (Adam) is really going to push me to where I need to be and push me more as an artist as well.”

On iTunes: His audition song, “Colder Weather,” plus that nine-track 2012 album.

Keeping up with Warren
Twitter: @wsmusicsc
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“Country Boys and Girls” (from 2012 album)

“Jesus and James Dean” (from 2012 album)

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