Season 5, The Voice

Meet the singers from Season 5 of The Voice

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As teams continue to fill out on Season 5 of The Voice, I’ll be posting blogs on each singer who earns a spot on the show.

Check out those blogs for a recap of each singers’ audition and background, including tidbits about their pre-Voice careers and samples of their pre-Voice music.

Just follow the links below to learn more about your favorites.


Donna Allen (eliminated in battle round)
Barry Black (eliminated in battle round)
Justin Blake (eliminated in battle round)
Will Champlin (stolen by Christina after battle round, stolen back by Adam after knockout round)
Matt Chermanski (eliminated in battle round)
Tessanne Chin (won battle and knockout rounds)
Ashley Dubose (eliminated in knockout round)
Lina Gaudenzi (stolen from Team Christina in battle round, lost knockout round)
Grey (won battle and knockout rounds)
James Irwin (eliminated in knockout round)
Juhi (stolen from Team Cee Lo in battle round, lost knockout round)
Preston Pohl (won battle and knockout rounds)
James Wolpert (won battle and knockout rounds)


Ray Boudreaux (won battle and knockout rounds)
Sam Cerniglia (eliminated in battle round)
Justin Chain (eliminated in battle round)
Cilla Chan (eliminated in battle round)
Brandon Chase (eliminated in knockout round)
Briana Cuoco (stolen from Team Christina in battle round, lost knockout round)
E.G. Daily (eliminated in knockout round)
Nic Hawk (stolen from Team Adam in battle round, won knockout round)
Holly Henry (eliminated in knockout round)
Austin Jenckes (won battle and knockout rounds)
Brian Pounds (lost battle round)
Emily Randolph (lost battle round)
Cole Vosbury (stolen from Team Cee Lo after knockout round)
Shelbie Z. (won battle and knockout rounds)


Olivia Henken (won battle and knockout rounds)
Stephanie Anne Johnson (stolen by Cee Lo after battle round, stolen back by Christina after knockout round)
Jacquie Lee (won battle and knockout rounds)
Josh Logan (won battle and knockout rounds)
Michael Lynch (lost battle round)
Anthony Paul (stolen by Team Christina in battle round, lost knockout round)
Jacob Poole (eliminated in battle round)
Destinee Quinn (eliminated in knockout round)
Matthew Schuler (won battle and knockout rounds)
Timyra-Joi (eliminated in battle round)


R. Anthony (eliminated in battle round)
Lupe Carroll (eliminated in battle round)
Tamara Chauniece (won battle and knockout rounds)
Jonny Gray (won battle and knockout rounds)
George Horga Jr. (eliminated in knockout round)
Keaira LaShae (eliminated in battle round)
Monika Leigh (stolen from Team Blake in battle round, eliminated in knockout round)
Amber Nicole (won battle round, stolen from Team Christina in knockout round)
Caroline Pennell (won battle and knockout rounds)
Kat Robichaud (won battle and knockout rounds)
Shawn Smith (eliminated in battle round)

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