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Meet Mary Miranda of Team Shakira on The Voice

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The audition: Mary Miranda, 17, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, auditioned with Selena’s “Como La Flor” and enticed three judges to spin their chairs — Blake Shelton, Usher and Shakira. She chose to join Team Shakira.

Mary Miranda of Team Shakira on The Voice. (NBC Photo)Battle Round: Defeated Cathia singing Shakira’s “Antes de Las Seis.” Cathia was stolen by Usher.

Knockout Round: Sang “Every Breath You Take” and was defeated by Kris Thomas, who performed “A Wonderful World.”

Her background: Born in Havana, Cuba, Mary told The Voice she moved to the U.S. about four years ago. She couldn’t speak English, something that made her a bit of an outcast in school. She found solace in music, and listening to music in English helped her learn the language. She’s also separated from her father, who lives in Barcelona, but wears a necklace around her neck in his honor. He gave it to her when she was young.

Her choice of coach: “She’s very fun,” Mary says of Shakira. “She knows how to dance. She’s a great singer. She loves rock. And the fact that she’s Colombian and I’m Cuban, that’s great. We’re both Latinas. I admire Latin music a lot.”

What the show didn’t show: Mary previously competed on “Tento Talento, Mucho Talenot,” a Spanish-speaking “America’s Got Talent” type of show. Two of her performances are embedded below. She says she was confident she could get a judge to turn around for her audition, and was really hoping one of them would be Shakira. During a conference call interview, Mary said she doesn’t plan to sing Latin music exclusively on the show, but will if the opportunity presents itself “because it’s an honor because I’m Cuban and I’m representing what I am, a Latina.

Quote: “Everybody here in this competition is very good,” she said in her post-audition interviews. “That’s why we’re here, because we have a lot of talent. I’m not trying to be cocky, but I think I have what it takes to be in this competition.”

On iTunes: Her audition song, “Como la Flor”

Keeping up with Mary:
Twitter: @MaryMiranda95
YouTube channel

“La Chiquita” (On Mucho Talento)

“Bidi Bidi Bom Bom (On Mucho Talento)

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