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Meet Holly Tucker of Team Blake on The Voice

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You could certainly say 20-year-old Holly Tucker has found a variety of outlets for her love of music.

She plays alto saxophone in Baylor University marching band.

Holly Tucker of Team Blake on The Voice. (NBC Photo)She has performed with Baylor’s Heavenly Voices gospel choir.

Since she was 12, she has traveled around Texas with her parents, performing as part of The Tuckers, a country-gospel trio.

But, most of all, she’s been pursuing a career as a country solo artist.

And she’s not exactly a novice at that either, though she’d certainly welcome a boost from the exposure The Voice could offer.

Before auditioning for the show, she had released a 2007 album called “It’s About Time,” a 2009 EP entitled “For You,” a 2011 album called “Love is What She Likes” and a 2012 EP called “Something to Be Said.”

The 2011 album, which features four songs Holly wrote, is available from her website; you’ll find all the others on iTunes.

And Season 4 of The Voice found Holly auditioning for the show. For the second time actually.

In a conference call interview after her blind audition aired, she said the blind audition process — in which she’d be judged on her voice and talent alone — appealed to her.

“I’ve been judged in the past and, you know, it’s something that you just have to get a thick skin and learn to deal with, which is what I think I’ve done over the past years,” she said.

The only judging that came her way after her Season 4 audition with “To Make You Feel My Love” was high praise. After all, she earned a four-chair turn-around.

“That was one of the most amazing performances I’ve ever felt good about,” she said in a post-audition interview. “Afterwards, I was just so overwhelmed. I’ve always said, ‘I’m not going to cry on camera. I’m not going to cry on camera.’ And I cried on camera.”

Holly said “To Make You Feel My Love” is a song she “found a love for unlike any other song I’ve ever sung.” She said she’s been working on perfecting her performance of it for two or three years.

It had the judges vying for her services. In the end, she went with Blake, the country judge, even though he was the last to turn his chair.

“I’m most excited about how he’s going to challenge me,” Holly said. “I know he’s not going to be easy on me, and that’s what I most look forward to. I want to grow. I want to know how I can improve.”

To learn more about Holly, you can head to her website or Facebook page. On Twitter, she is @HollyTMusic . And here’s a link to her YouTube channel.

Now, a couple Holly T songs …

Update: Holly defeated Voice roommates Michelle Raitzin in the battle round on their version of “Blown Away.” In the knockout, she sang “Live Like You’re Dying” and defeated Luke Edgemon, who sang Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” Sang “How Do I Live” in the live playoffs and advanced to the Top 12 on fan voting.

“I’m Gonna Miss You (Jared’s Song)” from her 2012 EP

“Twice as Strong” (one of the songs she wrote for her 2011 album)

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