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Meet Audrey Karrasch of Team Usher on The Voice

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A couple months from now, Audrey Karrasch is probably hoping she’s still not remembered as the former model who sassed Adam Levine on The Voice.

After all, she joined Team Usher with higher ambitions.

Audrey Karrasch of Team Usher on The Voice. (NBC Photo)But, for now, people most remember the 20-year-old from Reno, Nev., for the Adam smack-down.

After her blind audition of “Price Tag” ended, he started to predict Blake’s sales pitch.

Audrey’s reaction: “What do you care? You didn’t even turn around.”

The day after the audition aired, Audrey called it an “insert-foot-in-mouth” moment.

“I was completely out of my mind and felt horrible for doing it,” she said during a conference call with the media. “Looking back at it, I’m like, ‘Why didn’t I listen to anything he said.’ I should have just soaked it up.”

If you don’t remember Audrey for her sass, you might remember her for her looks.

She’s the gal who left her hometown right after high school and headed to New York to work as a model.

But she quickly became discouraged by how “superficial” that business was. So she left New York and headed to Charlotte, N.C., to pursue music and said she had been performing and writing music there during the six months prior to her audition for The Voice.

Her version of Jessie J.’s “Price Tag” prompted Blake and Usher to turn around.

But there was never any doubt she would join Team Usher if he turned around, Audrey said.

“What he did for Justin Bieber, and what he just does for artists surrounding him all the time is amazing,” she says in her Voice interview. “If I can get just an ounce of that support and encouragement, my career would be flying.”

Audrey characterizes her music as alternative/pop and said her influences include Lana del Ray and Jessie J.

I’ve embedded two of her covers below. To hear more, head here.

You can follow Audrey on Facebook, and she is simply @audreykarrasch on Twitter.

Update: Audrey defeated Jamila Thompson in the battle round, singing “If I Were a Boy.” In the knockout round, she sang Lil’ Wayne’s “How to Love” and lost to Michelle Chamuel, who performed “Raise Your Glass.”

Covering Britney Spears’ Radar

Covering Passion Pit’s “Constant Conversations”

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