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Meet Amy Whitcomb of Team Adam on The Voice

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Her audition: Amy Whitcomb of Longwood, Fla., sang “Because of You” and got Adam Levine to turn around. Coincidentally, before her audition, she said she named Adam as the judge she’d feel most validated by if he turned around.

Amy Whitcomb of Team Adam on The Voice. (NBC Photo)Battle Round: Sang Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker” and defeated Agina Alvarez.

Knockout Round: She sang “House of the Rising Sun,” but lose to Caroline Glaser, who performed “Little Talks.”

Her background: Amy found her voice while attending Rock Lake Middle School in Florida, her mother told the Seminole Chronicle back in 2011. She performed throughout high school, then became a music major at Brigham Young University, where she sang with and eventually became the director of an a cappella group called Noteworthy.

On her coach: “I know that, 100 percent, even if multiple judges had turned around, it would have been Adam. He’s the perfect fit for me. Adam has a real intensity about him that I’m really drawn to. That’s my favorite part about him. And the fact that he doesn’t sugarcoat anything. I’ve been singing for a long time, and I’m really ready to get those tweaks to take me to the next level. I think Adam has that knowledge, that eye, that ear.”

What the show didn’t show: She appeared with Noteworthy on Season 1 of NBC’s “The Sing-Off,” and returned the next year as a member of a group called “Delilah.” (She’s superb on “Grenade,” check it out below.) Her connections to the show don’t end there. She’s the featured female vocalist on the Dartmouth Aires rendition of “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” which is available on iTunes. Dartmouth Aires finished second in Season 3. Amy describes herself as a pop/rock/soul singer and released two tunes to iTunes in February. On Facebook, she writes: “I sing because it sets my soul on fire. And I really like that feeling.”

Quote: “When I was facing the backs of those chairs … I don’t think I’ve ever felt such terror on stage before,” Amy said in a conference call with the media. “I was absolutely frightened. Like, just scared out of my mind, and I hope to never feel something like that again. But it was good. New experiences like that really challenge you and push you.”

On iTunes: Her audition song, “Because of You,” two 2013 singles — “Best Moments: and “Home Made for My Heart.” She also released a 2012 single, “But I Do” with Katherine Chloe Cahoon.

Keeping up with Amy:
Twitter: @AmyLynnWhitcomb
YouTube Channel

“You Don’t Give Up on Me” (an original)

“Dark Side” (Kelly Clarkson cover)

“Fighter” (original written by Rob Grimaldi and Jon Kagan)

“Grenade” (from the “Sing-Off” with Delilah, music starts at the 2:15 mark)

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