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April 13, 2013


Meet Agina Alvarez of Team Adam on The Voice

by Mark Franklin

A young singer looking for a second shot at a music career is also getting a second shot at The Voice in Season 4.

We met Agina Alvarez last fall. Then 23, she was working in a tennis club in Burbank, Calif., when she first auditioned for The Voice.

Agina Alvarez of Team Adam on The Voice. (NBC Photo)But she sang “Turn the Beat Around” and failed to get any chairs turned around.

The story was different during a blind audition that we saw just a snippet of in Season 4.

This time, Agina sang “Beautiful Liar” and landed a spot on Team Adam. Coincidentally, Adam Levine had expressed regret about not turning around for Agina during her Season 3 tryout.

From her Facebook bio, we learn that Agina has been singing since age 3, comes from a musical family (her mother is a voice and piano teacher) and enjoyed considerable success as an entertainer at a young age.

Enough success that she performed on the TV show Sabado Gigante at age 8, performed as part of Showtime at the Apollo at age 9 and also made appearances on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show, the Jerry Lewis Telethon and Ed McMahon’s “Next Big Star.”

From her Season 3 clip on The Voice, we learned that she also recorded a Latin album a few years back, but wound up getting shelved by her record company and back at square one in the music business.

Or at least almost square one.

She has been a featured vocalist on three songs released to iTunes by Los Angeles-based alternative artist Scott Kid. And she released her own single to iTunes last October called “Supposed to Be You,” which you can check out below.

Agina says she never hesitated to audition for The Voice a second time because she did get some positive feedback from last fall’s audition.

She particularly remembered the regret Adam expressed at not picking her for his team.

“I just had to give it 110 percent and pull out everything I had,” she said in her post-audition interview. “Singing in Spanish. Dancing. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity.”

Agina describes her sound as a combination of soul, pop, R&B and Latin music. On Twitter, she is @AginaMusic. Here’s a link to her Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Here’s a couple videos of Agina performing.

Update: Agina lost to Amy Whitcomb in the battle round. They performed Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker.”

The official video for “Supposed to Be You”

“Tu Amor” (an original song)

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