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Josh Kaufman holds iTunes edge in The Voice finale

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Josh Kaufman, not perceived front-runner Christina Grimmie, will hold the iTunes edge heading into Monday night’s finale on The Voice.

The reason is simple.

Josh Kaufman performs on Top 5 night on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Josh Kaufman performs on Top 5 night on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

On The Voice, cumulative downloads count toward a contestant’s vote total in the finale.

Crack the Top 10 on the iTunes singles chart at noon the day after a performance show, and you chalk up bonus points as well.

According to The Voice website, when that happens each download gets multiplied by five.

Josh Kaufman has accomplished that feat three times since The Voice finals began a month ago.

In contrast, Christina Grimmie has cracked the Top 10 twice and Jake Worthington has turned the trick once.

Here’s another interesting insight into how the three finalists are doing on iTunes.

As of 10 p.m. Thursday night — more than two full days after this week’s voting window closed — people were still buying the latest singles from Josh and Christina.

In fact, Josh was sitting at #22 (“All of Me”), #39 (“Love Runs Out”), #49 (“I Can’t Make You Love Me”) and #80 (“Stay with Me”) on the iTunes singles chart.

Christina was sitting at #43 (“Hide and Seek”), #50 (“Some Nights”), #54 (“How to Love”), #57 (“Hold On, We’re Going Home”), #106 (“I Won’t Give Up”) and #198 (“Wrecking Ball”).

Those numbers are important because downloads made outside the weekly voting window still count toward a contestant’s finale night vote total.

Jake Worthington?

None of his covers from the show are in the iTunes Top 200, an indication that he’ll have catching up to do before this week’s show even starts.

Now, here’s a look at where each contestant’s solo performances have landed on iTunes at noon, the day after the song was performed.

Christina Grimmie has earned iTunes bonus points twice on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Christina Grimmie has earned iTunes bonus points twice on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Blind Auditions:
Christina Grimmie, “Wrecking Ball” — iTunes rank: 77
Jake Worthington, “Don’t Close Your Eyes” — iTunes rank: 146
Josh Kaufman, “One More Try” — iTunes rank: 158

Team Playoffs
Christina Grimmie, “I Won’t Give Up” — iTunes rank: 38
Josh Kaufman, “It Will Rain” — iTunes rank: 170
Jake Worthington, “Anywhere With You” — iTunes rank: did not chart

Top 12
Josh Kaufman, “Stay with Me” — iTunes rank: 6
Jake Worthington, “Anymore” — iTunes rank: 40
Christina Grimmie, “Dark Horse” — iTunes rank: 47

Top 10
Christina Grimmie: “Hold On, We’re Going Home” — iTunes rank: 3
Josh Kaufman: “This Is It” — iTunes rank: 34
Jake Worthington: “Run” — iTunes rank: 37

Top 8
Josh Kaufman: “I Can’t Make You Love Me” — iTunes rank: 2
Christina Grimmie: “How to Love” — iTunes rank: 5
Jake Worthington: “Hillbilly Deluxe” — iTunes rank: 21

Top 5
Jake Worthington, “Heaven” — iTunes rank: 3
Josh Kaufman, “All of Me” — iTunes rank: 4
Josh Kaufman, “Love Runs Out” — iTunes rank: 12
Jake Worthington, “Good Ole Boys” — iTunes rank: 14
Christina Grimmie, “Hide and Seek” — iTunes rank: 18
Christina Grimmie, “Some Nights” — iTunes rank: 27

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  1. ruth jorgensen May 19, 2014 at 3:51 am -  Reply

    Josh kaufman has always been a great singer since the blind auditions. Through the weeks of mentoring from usher, he has found his true voice as an artist. As I watch each week, I know that anyone who has knowledge of music vocally will understand that Josh is the first contestant in the finales worthy of a following. He touches the hearts of those who know talent as well as those who just listen. I used to be that vocalist but age surpassed the opportunities. This man deserves it all. He wants it; Usher wants it for him; I truly want this kind man to take it. I hope America can see it and vote for the best The Voice has ever seen! Kudos to Usher for sharing his wealth of knowledge.

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