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Hooray! No ballads next week on American Idol

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They’ve done it.

Thank you, Nigel Lythgoe. Thank you to anyone else who was part of this decision.

Casey James will be one of the guests on American Idol next week. (AP Photo)Next week’s theme on American Idol is classic rock.

With one very important caveat: NO BALLADS ALLOWED!

Oh, what in the world will Burnell Taylor and Amber Holcomb do?

I pleaded for such a theme a couple of weeks ago, because certain members of the Season 12 cast have fed us an endless stream of ballads.

On Top 10 night, the only contestants who didn’t sing ballads were Janelle Arthur and Lazaro Arbos.

The only thing better than a classic rock, no ballad theme would be one that allowed the remaining contestants to sing something more current.

Oh, well, maybe next week.

Meanwhile, two more former Idol contestants will return to the Idol stage next week — Carrie Underwood and Casey James.

Both will sing their new singles, “See You Again” in Carrie’s case and “The Good Life” in Casey’s.

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