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Hooray! Juliet Simms is back with a new single

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If you were paying close attention to The Voice last night and not skipping the commercials, you might already know this piece of great news.

Juliet Simms, runner-up on Season 2 of The Voice, has a new single and video.

The song is called “Wild Child” and marks the first new music we’ve gotten from the 26-year-old rocker since she missed out on a Voice title that clearly should have been hers.

The new song features a catchy chorus and Juliet’s signature raspy vocals.

But I will say this, Miss Simms seems to have decided some things must be sacrificed for the sake of mass appeal.

The gal who once called her band’s 2010 “Truth or Dare” album too pop-ish — and responded with an acoustically driven 2011 followup — sounds very pop-ish on the new track, which is complete with a rap-style intro to that catchy chorus.

That might not sit well with some of her old Automatic Loveletter fans.

And the video is part Kia commercial, mostly Juliet rocking out at Whisky a GoGo.

No word on when the single will be available for download or about a possible album to follow.

Here’s a link to the video. The song is also streaming on her website.

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