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One sensible, one stupid elimination on The X Factor

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Two questions pop to mind as we prepare for tonight’s episode of The X Factor.

1. Could Demi Lovato lose both of her remaining singers tonight?

2. Where in the world is Melanie Amaro?

I’m afraid the answer to question number one is a resounding yes.

I thought Vino Alan turned in the weakest performance Wednesday night. But after finishing third in the voting three straight weeks, you figure his support isn’t going to vanish with one so-so performance.

I didn’t necessarily like Emblem 3’s version of “I’m a Believer” either. But as over-rated as that mediocre trio is, I don’t think they’re going home.

That puts the double elimination bulls-eye squarely on the chest of Cece Frey, Paige Thomas and Diamond White.

Despite Simon telling Cece she should go ahead and pack a suitcase, Cece was the stronger of the three last night.

Yet she’s had to sing for her X Factor life three times in four weeks, so you have to figure it could happen again.

Oh, for the record, Cece said she has no intention of packing her bags until “I hear the words ‘See you later, Cece Frey,’ and even then it won’t be the last time you hear from me.” The quote comes courtesy of Zap-2-It.

Which brings us to Paige, who wasn’t nearly as good as the judges pretended last night, and Diamond, who turned in one of her better performances, but also had the misfortune of performing first.

As for question number 2, I’ve seriously come to the conclusion that Simon, L.A. Reid and Co. have decided Melanie Amaro was a $5 million mistake.

How else can you explain her absence from the show? Tonight, Josh Krajcik performs. In recent weeks, it’s been artists from the U.K. version of The X Factor.

Yet Melanie has two singles out. At one point, she was eyeing a December release for her debut album.

Still, she remains MIA from the show she won just a short year ago.

I bet Emblem 3 would never get such a rude treatment. Heck, Simon would probably hire a horde of young girls to chase them onto The X Factor stage.

And after a recap of last night’s performance, we find out the first act eliminated tonight.

And it is: Paige Thomas.

Oh, and Paige goes out swinging, saying there are bigger things awaiting her than The X Factor.

I’m not surprised at all to see Paige go. There was no way she was going to win this thing.

Now it’s Josh Krajcik time. He has a new EP out, and this is his single.

It does nothing for me.

And the contestants advancing this week include:

  • Fifth Harmony advances. Great news.They were very good last night.
  • Cece Frey advances. Hey, look at that. Congrats, Cece. Her performance was one of last night’s best regardless of what Simon and L.A. had to say.
  • Emblem 3.  Boo.  Get them off of this show. The sooner the better.
  • Carly Rose:  No surprise, right? Carly is going to win after all.
  • Tate Stevens: Of course. He was the absolute best last night.

That means Diamond and Vino have to sing for their X Factor life.

Hmm, still taking responsibility for this, L.A. Reid?

No problem: Vino says he’s not angry at you for changing his song at the last minute. At that’s what he just said on the show.

Now, let’s grade the save-me songs …

* Diamond White:  The 13-year-old went upbeat last night, and look where she landed. I actually think it had as much to do with where she performed on the show (1st), then how she performed. She’s singing “I Was Here.”  Seems like an awfully mature song for a 13-year-old. That said, Diamond is singing pretty well, and looking pretty confident on stage. And, of course, she delivers the big glory note at the end.  Grade: B-

* Vino Alan:  The tattooed one drops his jacket and gets down to work behind the mike, singing “Trouble.” And he’s going to unleash one of the better vocals we heard from anyone this season. Just watch. How appropriate was that last line: “Please don’t let me go.” Really, really strong performance. I don’t think there’s any question that he should have just saved his X Factor life with that song.  Grade: A-

L.A., of course, votes to send home Diamond.

Britney, of course, votes to send home Vino.

Demi votes to send home Vino.

Simon votes to send home Vino.

And so Vino goes home.

Are you kidding me?

Another incredibly stupid decision by The X Factor judges.

Vino had one off performance. Until last week, Diamond had done absolutely nothing to justify the judges bringing her back after elimination in the Top 16 show.

Yet she stays? He goes? After finishing third in the voting three straight weeks?

It makes no sense.

But, hey, that’s the X Factor, easily the worst of the singing shows on TV.

Where vocal talent matters not. Wow.

This week’s finish:

  • 6. Diamond White
  • 5. Cece Frey
  • 4. Fifth Harmony
  • 3. Emblem 3
  • 2. Tate Stevens
  • 1. Carly Rose Sonenclar


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  1. DaisyKary November 30, 2012 at 2:57 pm -  Reply

    Why do I keep watching this stupid show? It just makes me mad! The two hosts are the worst ever. Judges sabotage even their own contestants. Simon is shoving Emblem3 down our throats. Ugh!

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