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Majesty York showed up in the American Idol audition room in Atlanta with a band of flowers in her hair.

It was an attempt to stand out, to be different, something she tries to do musically as well.

Majesty Rose York advanced to Hollywood from the Season 13 American Idol auditions in Atlanta. (FOX Photo)

Majesty Rose York advanced to Hollywood from the Season 13 American Idol auditions in Atlanta. (FOX Photo)

“I don’t want people to influence me,” she says in her Road to Hollywood video. “I want to be the influencer. That’s why I try to do more original things, like put flowers in my hair.

“I really do want to be different, and I don’t mean different as in forcing it and making it lame and weird. I want it to be classy and refreshing.”

The judges didn’t find anything lame or weird about Majesty’s Atlanta audition. She performed Coldplay’s “Violet Hill” and advanced to Hollywood via a unanimous vote from the Idol judges. Harry Connick Jr. called her performance “subtle and lovely.”

And perhaps that striving to be different explains all the names.

On Facebook, she’s Rochelle York. On Idol, she told the judges she goes by Majesty Rose. Idol videos and an interview with her local TV station identify her as Majesty York.

Regardless, she tells WRAL that fate landed her at the Idol auditions. She and a girlfriend went to Disney World on a lark and entered the American Idol Experience. Majesty won, earning her the ability to skip the long lines at the Atlanta auditions.

The 21-year-old pre-school teacher tells the TV station she’s hoping to become a “relevant, alternative, folksy type artist.”

Judging from YouTube videos, at least some of Majesty’s experience comes from singing in church with praise teams. She also told WRAL her grandmother pretty much threw her in front of the church to perform when she was about 2.

Which might have been scary at the time, but prepared her well for a big stage like Idol.

Here are some of her performances, courtesy of Idol Appreciation on YouTube.

“Listen” cover

Performing with Belize Praise Team

Another Praise performance

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