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Hear more from American Idol’s Spencer Lloyd

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Spencer Lloyd got the tag “pretty guy” from Jennifer Lopez the second he stepped into the American Idol audition room in Austin.

“The girls are going for this,” she proclaimed.

Spencer Lloyd at the American Idol auditions in Austin. (FOX Photo)

Spencer Lloyd at the American Idol auditions in Austin. (FOX Photo)

And after the 19-year-old from Bryant, Ark., finished auditioning by singing Colton Dixon’s “Never Gone,” Jennifer complimented him on having a beautiful voice as well.

Harry Connick Jr. was less taken with the voice, but said between his looks and “sweetness,” Spencer might produce “deafening roars” when he performs.

My guess is that Spencer has aspirations of being a Christian artist, and not just because of his song selection for his audition.

His Twitter profile reads: “Don’t listen to the world. Be yourself because it’s beautiful. God is the music to my words.”

And on Jan. 10, he sent out this tweet: “I’m not an amazing singer or musician that’s full of so much amazing talent, but I will use every bit I have to glorify God.”

In his Road to Hollywood video, Spencer points to Colton as an inspiration, saying he saw him perform at a baseball game in Arkansas.

“His performance, in every single form and fashion — I could see myself doing that,” Spencer says. “The message he puts across is exactly what I want to say. He’s someone I look up to.”

Here are links to Spencer’s Facebook page and his Twitter account (@ur_thai_friend).

Finding video or audio of Spencer singing is a bit more challenging, though Idol Appreciation rounded up the two clips you’ll find below.

“Say Something”

“Wicked Games”

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