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Sarah Scherb calls auditioning for the American Idol judges “the craziest thing I’ve done in my whole life.”

And while she doesn’t normally cry tears of joy, Sarah says she couldn’t help herself as she “sprinted in my 5-inch heels to my family” to celebrate with them.

Sarah Scherb advanced to Hollywood with three yes votes on American Idol.  (FOX Photo)

Sarah Scherb advanced to Hollywood with three yes votes on American Idol. (FOX Photo)

The 19-year-old from Birmingham, Mich., auditioned with Ariana Grande’s “The Way.”

Keith Urban complimented her tone. Jennifer Lopez complimented her vocals and her beauty.

And after an extended discussion of her dad’s job with Delta Airlines, Sarah was off to Hollywood with a unanimous yes.

For musical influences, Sarah mentions Adele.

“She’s one of those people you can respect because she’s not in it just to be a beauty queen and an ‘it’ girl,” Sarah says in her Road to Hollywood video. “She’s literally all about her music and her career. The fact that she writes all her own music, and music that really hits you — I want to be able to put out a record like that.”

Sarah says she thinks a unique sound will help her stand out on Idol.

“I don’t think i sound like your typical pop singer or R&B singer,” she says. “I think I’ve got this cool kind of blend that I can really work on during the show.”

If you’d link to follow Sarah Scherb here are links to her Facebook page and Twitter account (@sarahscherb).

I’ve embedded two videos of Sarah performing below. You can check out more on her YouTube channel.

“All in My Head” (Tori Kelly cover)

“Stay” (Rihanna cover)

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