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Hear more from American Idol’s Sam Woolf

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On his website, Sam Woolf writes that “I’ve been singing as long as I can remember. Music is my life. I play guitar and I write my own songs.”

The 17-year-old from Bradenton, Fla., says his music falls in the lines of “acoustic/folk/rock with a little pop” thrown in.

Sam Woolf during his American Idol audition. (FOX Photo)

Sam Woolf during his American Idol audition. (FOX Photo)

On Wednesday’s American Idol Season 13 premiere, he played guitar, sang “Lego House” and received high praise from the judges.

Not to mention a unanimous pass to Hollywood.

Harry Connick Jr. not only loved his pitch, he predicted his daughters would love the young guy.

And here’s an interesting story courtesy of the Bradenton Herald newspaper.

Seems Sam showed up at a restaurant called MacAllisters Grill & Tavern last summer asking for a chance to play there.

He didn’t want to be paid; he was willing to play for tips.

So owners Karen and Malcolm Ronney let him play music on the patio. Patrons liked his music so much, the Ronneys kept inviting him back.

Then, one day, Sam left, saying he was going on vacation. He never returned.

Then American Idol called, asking to film a segment there. Hmm, vacation mystery and Sam’s disappearance solved.

I’ve embedded videos of Sam’s music below.

You can hear more on his YouTube channel. Here are links to his Facebook page and Twitter account (@samwoolfmusic).

“You’re Body is a Wonderland”


“I Tried” (an original)

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