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Hear more from American Idol’s Remi Wolf

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We met Remi Wolf just briefly during the San Francisco auditions on American Idol.

A more thorough introduction might have informed us that she’s been performing as part of a duo called Remi and Chloe.

Remi Wolf during her San Francisco audition on American Idol. (FOX Photo)

Remi Wolf during her San Francisco audition on American Idol. (FOX Photo)

That duo released a song called “Carousel” in 2012 that was featured in a short film, “Washing Away”

Then they came back with a five-track acoustic EP called “Lookout” that hit iTunes in December.

Remi, 17, and Chloe Zilliac are students at Palo Alto High School in California.

While they’ve only been playing as a duo for a couple of years, the best friends have been harmonizing together since middle school, according to their Facebook Page.

No word on whether Chloe tried out for American Idol.

But Chloe was definitely waiting to see how Remi did.

“When I ran into the room with my golden ticket, Chloe tackled me to the ground,” Remi says, laughing in her Road to Hollywood video. “People thought I hit my head on the wall, but I didn’t.”

Remi auditioned with Marvin Gaye’s “Let Get It On,” and said her song choice and sound seemed to surprise Jennifer Lopez.

But in the end, Jennifer was a fan of the performance.

Remi says she and Chloe write their own music and enjoy a variety of genres from rock to reggae and try to incorporate them all into their sound.

Oh, and Remi won “best hair” at her school, which she describes as “cool.”

For more on Remi and Chloe, head to their Facebook page. You can follow Remi on Twitter @RemiWolf1.

And if you’d like to hear more after checking out the videos below — be sure to listen to the original “Stolen Gun” — Remi has a solo YouTube channel and the duo have one as well.


“Stolen Gun” (original)

“Let’s Get It On”

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