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Hear more from American Idol’s Ethan Harris

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Keith Urban joked that Ethan Harris looks like the lost Osmond brother when he walked into the American Idol audition room.

Turns out Ethan, 20, of Garrattsville, N.Y., is a big Keith Urban fan.

Ethan Harris was one of the singers who breezed through American Idol's Detroit auditions with a unanimous yes. (FOX Photo)

Ethan Harris was one of the singers who breezed through American Idol’s Detroit auditions with a unanimous yes. (FOX Photo)

Such a big fan that he had taped a drawing he made of Keith to the back of his guitar so the Idol judge could sign it.

And such a fan that he auditioned with Keith’s “You’ll Think of Me.”

The performance not only got approval from Keith, but from the two other Idol judges as Ethan breezed into the show’s Hollywood round.

Ethan came off as a true gentleman on the show, and the same is true of his Road to Hollywood video, where he compliments the judges for being kind and funny and making it feel like a family in the audition room.

In terms of musical influences, in addition to Keith, he mentions Hunter Hayes and Taylor Swift — particularly her songwriting.

“I’m big on lyrics and singing nice songs,” Ethan says. “I just want to be a positive role model and influence on anyone who listens.

Ethan is also one of the few males on this year’s Idol to have already released music.

His is in the form of a 10-track self-titled album released in 2010 that’s classified as pop on iTunes.

According to his website bio, this singer-songwriter appreciates “many genres of music, especially country, pop and gospel.”

He has a college degree in graphic arts and has moved to Nashville to pursue his music career.

Oh, and among his biggest gigs to date, he lists opening for Season 6 Idol standout Melinda Doolittle.

Here are links to Ethan’s Facebook page and Twitter account (@ethandharris).

I’ve embedded a handful of his videos below and you can find more on this YouTube channel.

“That’s Alright” (cover)

“You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go” (Bob Dylan cover)

“Cruise” (Florida-Georgia Line cover)

“Every Rose Has Its Thorn” (cover)

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