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Hear more from American Idol’s Andrina Brogden

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Andrina Brogden has a simple goal: To put North Dakota on the map.

At least American Idol’s map.

Andrina Brogden earned a ticket to Hollywood at American Idol's auditions in Omaha. (FOX Photo)

Andrina Brogden earned a ticket to Hollywood at American Idol’s auditions in Omaha. (FOX Photo)

The 18-year-old shoe store employee from Fargo says “I grew kind of out in the country. You never really hear of anyone from there.”

She even addresses her small-town background in her Twitter bio writing: “Yeah, I’m from North Dakota. And I’m the girl that’s gonna make her dreams come true.”

Andrina sang Beyonce’s “Halo” for her American Idol audition in Omaha, and one judge, Harry Connick Jr., didn’t think she’s quite ready for the show’s stage.

But Keith Urban said “I think you’ve got a lot of great stuff going on that’s raw,” not to mention a “great” voice. Jennifer Lopez voted in Andrina’s favor as well, advancing the teen to Idol’s Hollywood round.

Andrina told her local newspaper that she realized she was meant to perform when she landed the lead role of Cinderella at her high school back in 2011.

After high school, she began taking music industry classes at Minnesota State University’s Moorhead campus before Idol came along. And music runs in her family; two uncles play with a popular local band called The Blenders.

In her Road to Hollywood video, Andrina says she looks up to Beyonce, Chris Brown and singer-songwriter Elle Varner.

“I’m not a belt singer like most of the people you see on singing competitions,” she says. “I definitely sing pop and R&B, but my voice isn’t as big. It’s a little softer and a little different. Clearer, I think, would be a good way to describe it.”

If you’d like to follow Andrina, here are links to her Facebook page and Twitter account (@DrinaMarie20).

Embedded below are some videos of Andrina singing, starting with her audition song for a Fargo Star competition.

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“Gotta Keep Your Head Up” cover

“I Will Always Love You”


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