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Hear more from American Idol’s Adam Roth

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Adam Roth is the sound healer we met at the conclusion of the American Idol auditions in San Francisco.

The 28-year-old from Sacramento auditioned with “Hallelujah.”

Adam Roth was one of the successful auditioners for American Idol in San Francisco. (FOX Photo)

Adam Roth was one of the successful auditioners for American Idol in San Francisco. (FOX Photo)

And though the song has been done and well received countless times on singing shows, the Idol judges weren’t quite sure what to make of Adam.

Harry Connick Jr. voted to send him home; Jennifer Lopez voted to send him through to Hollywood.

That left the decision up to Keith Urban, who referred to Adam’s performance as “schizophrenic.”

But a little sound healer stare-down from Adam, and he was off to Hollywood.

Judging from Adam’s Road to Hollywood video, it sounds as though we saw a heavily-edited version of his audition.

He says he sang two songs for the judges and admits he was pretty nervous. The yes came after he sang a single line of “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone,” which we didn’t see on TV.

“I feel like I might bring some light to this competition,” Adam says. “Some relaxation. Some positivity.”

As for musical inspirations, Adam cites The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Beatles.

“Any music with soul, I’m all about.”

Back in Sacramento, Adam has been fronting a five-member group called The Adam Roth Project, which classifies it’s music as “ambient, acoustic, different.”
You can check out some of that music on this Reverbnation page.

And in September 2012, Adam released a solo album to iTunes called “Comfort the Disturbed and Disturb the Comfortable.”

I’ve embedded a couple videos of Adam’s music below. You can check out more on his YouTube channel of the Adam Roth Project Facebook page.


“Something Better”

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