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Cassadee Pope vs. Dez Duron in The Voice finale?

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Back before viewer voting began on The Voice, I checked out each contestant’s Facebook and Twitter pages to see who was most popular in the world of social media.

Three weeks later, with the field narrowed from 20 to eight, the answer hasn’t changed.

In fact, the two contestants with the most followers at the time have also picked up the most followers over the past three weeks of live shows.

Does that mean a Cassadee Pope vs. Dez Duron finale on The Voice?

Time will tell, but you have to figure support on social media translates into votes when the singing ends.

Here’s the number of followers each remaining contestant has. The number in parenthesis is the number of followers they had as of Nov. 5.

That’s followed by a look at who’s gained the most since the live shows began.


  1. Cassadee Pope: 128,859 likes (106,385)
  2. Dez Duron: 53,666 (33,978)
  3. Melanie Martinez:  39,670 (20,605)
  4. Cody Belew: 21,985 (11,236)
  5. Trevin Hunte: 14,740 (5,629)
  6. Amanda Brown: 13,361 (4,918)
  7. Terry McDermott: 11,497 (3,066)
  8. Nicholas David: 11,104 (1,556)

Biggest hike in likes since Nov. 5

  1. Cassadee Pope: 22,474
  2. Dez Duron: 19,688
  3. Melanie Martinez: 19,065
  4. Cody Belew: 10,749
  5. Nicholas David: 9,548
  6. Trevin Hunte: 9,111
  7. Amanda Brown: 8,443
  8. Terry McDermott: 8,431


  1. Cassadee Pope: 248,729 (189,748)
  2. Dez Duron: 112,605 (69,689)
  3. Melanie Martinez: 44,637 (17,566)
  4. Terry McDermott: 33,0111 (8,109)
  5. Trevin Hunte: 25,795 (10,313)
  6. Amanda Brown: 24,600 (7,096)
  7. Cody Belew: 20,886 (6,672)
  8. Nicholas David: 15,204 (4,528)

Biggest jump in followers since Nov. 5

  1. Cassadee Pope: 58,981
  2. Dez Duron: 42,916
  3. Melanie Martinez: 32,071
  4. Terry McDermott: 24,902
  5. Amanda Brown: 17,504
  6. Trevin Hunte: 15,482
  7. Cody Belew: 14,214
  8. Nicholas David: 10,676



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  1. celeste dancer November 26, 2012 at 8:33 am -  Reply

    Of course you are right unfortunately it is about the followers (of mediocrity)

  2. JJ December 18, 2012 at 11:57 am -  Reply

    Can anyone say… sham? But no no, if we say anything bad about Cassadee we’re just jealous. We’re MAKING UP the advantage. Hey Monday wasn’t popular, She didn’t have a massively larger fanbase going into the show… nope… not at all… we’re all just making that up. All these numbers must just be imaginary.

    Come on now… it’s ridiculous. She went into the show with a 36 to 1 advantage. That’s 36 people voting for her feverishly no matter what for every 1 for someone like Terry.

    Not to mention the advantage having that many cheerleaders can bring you early on in the competition. The fans are just starting to figure out who they like and BAM here is 180,000 Cassadee cheerleaders to make it seem like she’s already going to win. People love bandwagons, especially 13 year old girls.

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