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Cassadee Pope, Terry McDermott, Nicholas David did it again on iTunes

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Cassadee Pope did it again.

And, for that matter, so did Terry McDermott and Nicholas David, though not quite as well as Cassadee.

As for Trevin Hunte … well, there’s that offer from Christina to join her on tour.

Voting for The Voice closed at 10 a.m.

Over on the iTunes chart, Cassadee is sitting at number one for the second time since the live shows began.  Yeah, “Stupid Boy” was that good, folks.  A smart song choice (by Blake Shelton) wonderfully executed.

And, for those counting, that’s five straight performances that have landed in the top 10 for Cassadee.  I’m pretty sure that’s never happened for a contestant on The Voice before.

Terry and Nicholas could do some boasting of their own this morning.

Terry landed at number two on iTunes for the second straight week, this time with his rendition of “Let it Be.”

At 10 a.m., Nicholas was sitting at number five on iTunes with “You Are So Beautiful.”  That matched his personal best, also accomplished last week with his unique spin on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

As for Trevin, his descent from early frontrunner status is complete.  That very subpar vocal on “Wind Beneath My Wings” landed at number 34.

With the other three contestants chalking up major bonus points for hitting the top 10 — iTunes downloads are multiplied by 10 when counting votes for them — well, it doesn’t spell good news for Trevin this evening when the name of the eliminated contestant on The Voice is announced.

For the Idol Chatter song by song recap from last night, head here.



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  1. Lee December 14, 2012 at 6:36 am -  Reply

    Casandee is good but i think Terry and Nicholas is much better. Her voice range is wide but easy to broke. Furthermore, she’s popular. But it would make her become ordinary. Not like perfect pitch from Terry and unique style of Nicholas.

  2. Richard Bishop December 15, 2012 at 8:09 pm -  Reply

    I am not really a Cassedee fan she has decent vocals and probably is one of the most marketable of the 3 but she is connecting with a built in fan base I feel she is superficial and not very sincere IMO after watching interviews etc. Nick and Terry have more distinct and versitial voices respectfully, at 1 point Terry had all his songs in the top 40 on the itunes Rock chart and number 1 on the Canadian charts. I think it will come down to the final performances as to who will come out on top but they all will do well after the competion as the voice has let them see where there best direction for them to pursue, Good Luck to all

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