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Angie Miller widens lead in American Idol social media race

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On our TV screens every Wednesday and Thursday, it sure looks like a three-way fight for the Season 12 American Idol title.

If Angie Miller can mobilize her huge base of social media followers over the next few weeks, it could easily turn into a one-lady race.

Angela Miller remains way in front of the American Idol ladies in the social media race. (FOX Photo)

Angela Miller remains way in front of the American Idol ladies in the social media race. (FOX Photo)

I’ve been tracking the social media numbers since the Idol finals began, and Angie has been way in front from day one.

That last time I checked, before the Top 7 show, she had widened her social media lead.

And a string of solid performances by Kree Harrison and Candice Glover has failed to reverse that trend.

In the past three weeks, Angie has picked up 4,000 more Facebook fans than any of the other remaining finalists.

Over the same time period, she’s picked up 5,000 more Twitter followers than anyone else.

Does that mean she’s a shoe-in for the Season 12 crown?

Absolutely not.

Remember, Lazaro Arbos was second among the Idols in the social media rankings. And he went home two weeks ago.

The other significant change over the last two weeks: Candice Glover has passed Kree Harrison for second place among the remaining Idols in Twitter followers.

The list below shows the number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers each contestant currently has, followed by the number they had three weeks ago, followed by the change since that time. The numbers are as of 8:30 a.m., Monday, April 22.


Angie Miller: 69,059 (53,597) +15,462
Candice Glover: 22,965 (12,115) +10,850
Kree Harrison: 10,903 (7,193) +3,710
Amber Holcomb: 4,515 (2,648) +1,867


Angie Miller: 111,527 (78,423) +33,104
Candice Glover: 61,110 (33,745) +27,365
Kree Harrison: 58,240 (36,712) +21,528
Amber Holcomb: 36,210 (18,794) +17,486

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