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American Idol Top 6 results: Lazaro Arbos goes home

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Up until last night, I was pretty much convinced any female who finished below Lazaro Arbos tonight on American Idol would be saved.

Now, I’m not so sure.

Judging from the judges’ comments last night, they’d be perfectly content to sacrifice Janelle Arthur if it means they could reserve their save to protect Amber Holcomb or Candice Glover sometime in the future.

Lazaro Arbos t6 01-350If they’re allowed to, that is. There used to be rules about how late in the competition the judges could use the save.

This year?

Who knows? There’s been no recent mention of when the save must be used.

But don’t assume Lazaro Arbos will wind up at the bottom of the voting this week.

The guy finished in the top three last week, and the harsh critiques by the judges just might have motivated his pretty sizable fan base to rally to keep him on the show.

Tonight, I’ll be most curious to see …

1. Was Candice’s brilliant show-closing performance enough to boost her into the top 3, where she belongs and where she belonged long before last night?

2. Will the judges’ constant pimping of Amber Holcomb convince viewers that she’s top-three worthy? Or will they see through the nonsense and realize she isn’t?

3. Will Idol even reveal a top three, if Lazaro Arbos is part of it?

It wouldn’t be great for the show’s credibility.

But Lazaro’s refusal to fade away from the finals is an intriguing story line in a season that hasn’t offered very many.

And now it’s time for Jimmy’s feedback on last night’s performances …

* Kree Harrison: Jimmy says Kree gave us another great vocal performance, but said she’s also going to have to give us more personality. Agree 100 percent.
* Angie Miller: Jimmy says Angie did a very competent job, but not enough to win the night.
* Lazaro Arbos: Jimmy says Lazaro has done well for someone with very little experience, but he’d put him 10th this week. Yep, even though there are only six singers left.

Now, Scotty McCreery time. He’ll perform his new single, “See You Tonight.” He co-wrote the song, and plans to write more on his upcoming album, which doesn’t have a release date yet. “See You Tonight” was languishing in the 40s on the iTunes downloads chart earlier this week. Watch it jump after tonight’s performance.

More feedback from Jimmy

* Janelle Arthur: Jimmy says Janelle has to keep changing up songs and making them her own to stand out in the competition.
* Candice Glover: Jimmy says Candice is leading the competition at this point. Interesting. Last week, he didn’t have her in the top three.
* Amber Holcomb: Jimmy says Amber looks like the entire package, and he doesn’t understand why America doesn’t get it.

Ryan has split the contestants into a top two, a middle two and a bottom two.

Interesting. Because he has Angie standing with Janelle, Amber standing with Lazaro and Candice standing with Kree.

Now, Kelly Clarkson’s new single, “People Like Us.” Well, Kelly’s makeup is a little hideous with the lights on. But I really like her new song.

Not sure why she was worried about performing in front of Mariah Carey. Had Mariah critiqued it, we probably wouldn’t have understood what she was saying.

And now we find out more about those pairs …

1. Kree and Candice are America’s top 2.
2. Angie and Janelle are the middle 2.
3. Lazaro and Amber are in the bottom 2.

And this week’s low vote-getter — Lazaro Arbos.

Wow, gotta say, I’m surprised. I thought for sure all his fans would rally and vote like crazy last night.

Lazaro is singing “Feeling Good” for his save-me song. And he’s going out on a good note. That was a pretty decent rendition of the song. Certainly better than either of his performances last night.

And the judges will not save Lazaro.

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  1. Nix April 11, 2013 at 10:16 pm -  Reply

    how could you say Amber being in the top 3 is nonsense? shes way far ahead of Janelle and levelled with Candice and Kree. you must be tone deaf .. just like Lazaro lol a joke.. this is my 1st time to your blog via googling amber and it is my last time. your a joke. just quit as a blogger.. ur work here is done. BYE

  2. Name April 12, 2013 at 1:03 am -  Reply

    So glad Lazaro left.
    Candice for the win!!!

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