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American Idol Top 4 results: No one goes home

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Earlier this week, I wrote ‘don’t worry, be happy” because American Idol had its singer shortage under control.

After being infuriated by last night’s one-sided, the sun-shines-only-on-Amber critiques, I’ve decided to take that very attitude into tonight’s show.

Amber Holcomb tries to sing Emotion on American Idol Wednesday night. (FOX Photo)

Amber Holcomb tries to sing MacArthur Park on American Idol Wednesday night. (FOX Photo)

I mean, are voters really going to put much credance into the garbage spewing forth from the judges’ mouths?

Especially when Nicki Minaj says she wants to be gal pals with Amber Holcomb, then calls her Angie in the very same breath.

Especially when Miriah Carey can’t stand up to give Angie Miller a well-deserved standing ovation because the train of her dress is caught in her chair.

Especially when Randy Jackson is spewing “in it to win it” so often, you’ve lost track of who isn’t.

Even Keith Urban, reasonable for most of the night, seemed to lose his hearing in the blinding light of Amber’s radiance.

I’d better stop now, before I give the judges more ideas on ways to compliment Amber next week.

My guess is that she’ll be around next week. And that so will Angie, Candice Glover and Kree Harrison, despite the judges’ best efforts to have Kree exorcised from the competition.

We’ve been promised a surprise, and Idol is one singer shy. That probably means no one goes home tonight.

And so the show begins …

The first thing we see: A big sign supporting Amber. Ugh!

C’mon, Mark, don’t worry, be happy.

Cue filler footage, which must be in short supply, because we’re back at the children’s hospital again.

Cue group number, which I don’t have to pay attention to. Which is a good thing because Hootsuite wants me to enter a password I can’t remember.

Cue Ford Fiesta commercial, co-starring Ryan Seacrest. Or four Ryans. Hah-hah.

Cue cute segment where singers have to reveal five things we didn’t know about them in 20 seconds. Kree was once bitten by a snake.

Cue results (aka What Jimmy Thought, Part 2) …

Amber Holcomb: Jimmy gives Amber high marks for her first song, low notes for her second.

Kree Harrison: Jimmy agrees with Keith on Kree, that she had a subpar performance in round one and picked the wrong song in round two.

Now we have a musical interlude featuring Stefano Langone. He’ll sing “Yes To Love,” his new single. And apparently he has an album coming out this summer, called “Summertime.”

Candice Glover: Jimmy says Candice played it too safe with her song choices, and that now’s the time to move forward, not backward.

Then Drake shows up to congratulate her on her Wednesday night performance of his song. Nice touch, Idol.

Next musical interlude: Lee DeWyze sings his new single, “Silver Lining,” which hit iTunes today.

Angie Miller: Jimmy says Angie won the night hands down. Two great songs, two great performances.

And Ryan is forming two groups of two.

Amber and Candice are on one side of the stage.

Kree and Angie are on the other side of the stage.

And Candice and Amber are the bottom two.

And no one goes home, of course.

Recap coming up.

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  1. Linda April 26, 2013 at 3:29 am -  Reply

    I think if it was kree or Angie they would not have been saved.

  2. Linda April 26, 2013 at 3:32 am -  Reply

    If it were Kree or Angie in the bottom
    They would not be saved.

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