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American Idol Top 4 results (again): Amber goes home

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When she wasn’t bashing Mariah Carey on Twitter today, Nicki Minaj was doing something useful: Like quizzing her Barbz on who they think will go home tonight on American Idol.

The majority said Amber Holcomb. Nearly as many said Kree Harrison.

Amber Holcomb performs Wednesday on American Idol. (FOX Photo)

Amber Holcomb performs Wednesday on American Idol. (FOX Photo)

A couple said they hoped Angie Miller would go home, though they didn’t seem to expect that to happen.

No one picked Candice Glover.

After last night’s stellar performance, it’s not difficult to understand why.

Yet it’s Candice and Amber who entered last night with ground to make up in order to avoid the stress of landing in the bottom two tonight.

Not to mention possible elimination.

Now, back to Nicki’s Tweets for a moment. I think it’s safe to say she and Mariah will never be close friends.

Apparently, Perez Hilton sent Nicki a message on Twitter about his review of last night’s show, writing: “Mariah Carey BURNS Nicki Minaj over her lack of #1 songs.

Nicki responded with three tweets of her own.

#1: “Bwaha! Burn? Shes sad i tied her record for Hot 100 entries in only 3 years of being in the game. Yep, a black female rapper”

#2: “What u SHOULD be doing is asking why a woman SO successful at her age, is still so INSECURE, and bitter”

#3: “All dem #1s but JLo phone ringin? Lol. I guess having a personality, being a secure woman, and giving genuine critique still trumps that.”

The Jennifer Lopez name drop is clearly a reference to rumors that Idol considered replacing Mariah with Jennifer mid-season as Idol ratings plummeted.

Sounds like Idol needs a social media policy. Sounds like it should start with: Judges shall not tweet about one another.

As a bonus tonight, we get a return visit from David Cook, champ from my all-time favorite season on Idol.

Apparently, Harry Connick Jr. and will perform too. Don’t know why. All season long, Idol has featured former contestants.

Now we get

My guess is that Idol producers are very confused. Again. has been a guest on the show so often, they probably forget he was never a contestant.

Kree Harrison and Harry Connick Jr. on the American Idol stage Wednesday night. (FOX Photo)

Kree Harrison and Harry Connick Jr. on the American Idol stage Wednesday night. (FOX Photo)

And now Jimmy comes out of hiding. His assessments …

Angie Miller: Jimmy says “Diamonds” was the wrong song choice to deliver a moment for Angie. Her second performance wasn’t special either, but it wasn’t bad enough to send her home, Jimmy adds.

Amber Holcomb: Jimmy says Amber crushed “My Funny Valentine.” But he also said she sounded like a karaoke singer on the Pink cover.

Candice Glover: Jimmy says Candice did a magnificent job on both songs and was “head and shoulders” above the rest.

Kree Harrison: Jimmy says Kree hasn’t lived up to her potential in the past two weeks. He says she was good, not special, on either song.

Now, David Cook with “Laying Me Low.” Just think I might have to download David Cook’s new single. Great reminder of the best season ever on Idol.

Next up: …. hmm … Haley Reinhart was in the audience last night. Couldn’t they have had her sing instead?

And, finally, Harry Connick Jr. boring us to tears with his new song. That, Harry, would not be an Idol-winning performance.

The results …

Heading toward a homecoming …

Angie Miller

Candice Glover

Kree Harrison

Heading home …

Amber Holcomb

Good to know fans can see through all the Idol manipulations and pick the best singers for the final three.

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  1. garry hemei May 3, 2013 at 1:13 am -  Reply

    Ugh i hate my life amber went home people are so stupid she was the best one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh im not watching this show anymore.

  2. Trista May 3, 2013 at 9:37 am -  Reply

    Love love the top 4 girls but I feel Angie should have been in the bottom two based on her performances. Her first performance was okay and her second was dreadful and sleepy that could put people to sleep. Kree did fantastic and did something special with both songs, Amber also did fantastic even Candice. I read so many comments on youtube and facebook which there were over 600 people who said Amber, Kree, and Candice was top 3 and only 100 people said Angie, Kree, and Candice was top 3 lol.

  3. Minerva May 4, 2013 at 1:19 pm -  Reply

    I’m sorry to see Angie get sent home. As soon as she makes her album. I will buy it. Loved her!

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