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American Idol makes history, but folks will be talking about Lazaro

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Amerrican Idol made history tonight.

When Burnell Taylor was eliminated, it marked the first time the finals have started with the ouster of four straight guys.

Lazaro Arbos performs this week on American Idol. (FOX Photo)

And the first time the final six will consist of five gals and just one guy.

A girls’ year on Idol? Just like the judges have been saying?

Perhaps not, with Lazaro Arbos around.

Let’s face it. Burnell’s elimination Thursday night was pretty much expected.

What everyone will be talking about is the unexpected: Lazaro finished in the top three vote-getters.

Yes, the same Lazaro who has blown lyrics two straight weeks.

The same Lazaro who Jimmy Iovine has pointed to as the contestant who should have been eliminated the past two weeks.

Amber Holcomb somehow wound up on every judges' top 3 list Thursday night. (FOX Photo)In the top three, baby.

And here’s the funny part. Funny as in ironic. And funny as in ‘Hee-hee, look at the mess Idol producers created.”

In order to keep the season on schedule, the judges must use their save. They have always been prohibited from using their save after the field has been narrowed to five.

In other words, they must use their save next week.

So they’re in a position where they almost have to hope Lazaro doesn’t finish in the bottom, lest they be forced to save him to keep the show on schedule.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. For a show that’s been among the top-rated on TV for years, the brains behind this one are sometimes amateurish beyond belief.

The recap:

Stock rising: Who else? Lazaro. Was his top three finish fair? Absolutely not. He’s clearly the weakest singer left. The least ready for prime time. Am I shocked at Thursday’s results? Nope. When I ranked the Top 10 in mid-March I had Lazaro at number three behind Kree and Angie based on his popularity. I only dropped him to the bottom of the rankings this week because he had repeatedly proven he’s the weakest singer left. Could he win? Idol better hope not, for credibility’s sake.

Janelle Arthur landed in the bottom two on American Idol Thursday night. (FOX Photo)Stock sinking: Wow, I was sorry to see Janelle Arthur in the bottom two Thursday night. At worst, she’s the fourth best singer on the show. I’d easily rate her above Amber and Lazaro. And what a personality. She wins me over more every week. Last night, she was congratulating Amber on how well she sang after their group number. Tonight, her words to Burnell just before his save-me song: “You’re going to kill it.” That, folks, is one class act.

Stock unreasonably high: In an interesting twist, Idol made all the judges reveal their top three contestants Thursday night. Every single judge placed Amber Holcomb in their top three. Huh? Look, Amber’s smile is ready for prime time. Her legs are ready for prime time, even when they’re peeking through torn jeans. Her performance ability is not at a prime time level. And she got away with singing a ballad on no ballads week. How the heck did that happen?

Candice Glover failed to land in the top three on American Idol Thursday night. (FOX Photo)Stock also sinking: If this competition were based on vocal talent alone, I don’t think anyone would argue that Candice Glover had the biggest, boldest and most dynamic voice. But only one judge (Mariah) ranked her among their top three and viewers didn’t either. Did you notice that scowl on her face after the top three were revealed? I’m not sure whether it was her reaction to the results or the broken toe that made it tough for her to walk across the stage.

Deserved his fate: Burnell Taylor, who got called out by Jimmy for a second time this week for not being prepared enough. Jimmy said his performance of “You Give Love a Bad Name” gave rock music a bad name, and he wasn’t far off. What was worse? That save-me performance, in which Burnell was supposed to be in his comfort zone belting out “Ready for Love.” The vocal was brutal. Had the judges used the save after that performance … well, it would have been a travesty.

Five girls, one guy, one save. And a potential heck of a mess awaiting Idol next week.

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  1. DaisyKary April 5, 2013 at 2:50 pm -  Reply

    The only ones who impressed me this week were Amber and Angie.

  2. American Idol Critic April 6, 2013 at 11:45 pm -  Reply

    Clearly Lazaro should have been eliminated the first week. He is not a very strong singer or at the latest he should have been eliminated instead of Devin. He is now just surviving on sympathy votes. I have more of a top 4 than top three.. Angie, Amber, Kree and Candice

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