John Stevens, New Idol Music

A new video from Season 3′s John Stevens

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Season 3 Idol contestant John Stevens has released a new video.

Don’t recall John?

John Stevens has released the video for a new song, "Intoxicated."

John Stevens has released the video for a new song, “Intoxicated.”

Think teen with red hair and a fascination for the music of Frank Sinatra.

John, now 25, of Boston, placed sixth in Idol’s female-dominated third season, making him the next to last guy standing.

He’s since released a solo album (“Red” in 2005), a Christmas album (“Home for Christmas” in 2009) and was a featured vocalist on an album released by the Beantown Swing Orchestra (“Trolley Songs” in 2011).

Now he’s formed a new seven-piece band — The John Stevens Band — and has plans for a new album, according to his website.

Four songs have been recorded so far, including “Intoxicated,” which John wrote.

Here’s the video.

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