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C.J. Harris eliminated from American Idol

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Eliminate C.J. Harris from the competition tonight, American Idol voters.


Look, it boils down to this. If it’s Top 6 week, and you’re still being constantly told you’re singing out of pitch, you don’t belong in Idol’s Top 5.

C.J. Harris performs Wednesday night on American Idol. (FOX Photo)

C.J. Harris performs Wednesday night on American Idol. (FOX Photo)

In my weekly rankings, I predicted the likelihood of C.J. being able to perform two solos in one night and stay on pitch wasn’t great. Even with a theme that should have looked like a fastball thrown down the middle of the plate.

Turns out, C.J. couldn’t really master the pitch on either of his songs.

Which is probably why Harry Connick Jr. couched his advice to C.J. with the caveat of “if you’re lucky enough to be here next week.”

And which is probably why C.J. was the only Idol not charting on iTunes as of noon today.

Actually, I thought last night’s show did a wonderful job of once again separating the contenders from the pretenders on Idol.

The contenders — Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson, Alex Preston and Jess Meuse — all did very well.

The pretenders would also include Sam Woolf, though the Idol judges seem hellbent on dragging us kicking and screaming back to the days of “cute boy Idol.”

Apologies to all those young ladies who are screaming for a different reason, but Sam Woolf does not belong anywhere near this year’s Idol finals. He doesn’t belong in the consideration for one of those celebratory trips home, either (if those are even still part of Idol’s revamped format).

Jess Meuse does, though the judges seem equally hellbent on nitpicking every one of her performances to death even though she has one of the best and most distinct voices on the show.

Does she stand in one spot with a guitar a lot? Yep.

Does Alex Preston and Sam Woolf stand in one spot with a guitar a lot? Yep.

Do they get criticized for it the way Jess does? Nope.

For song by song grades from Wednesday’s show, head here. For the photo gallery here. And for the iTunes results, here.

And it’s time for results:

Advancing to the Top 5
Sam Woolf — Dang, he belonged in the bottom two
Caleb Johnson — Like he was going to be in danger
Jena Irene — She didn’t have a great night Wednesday, but she shouldn’t have been in danger
Alex Preston — He was solid last night

Heading to the stools of dangers
C.J. Harris — The first step toward his elimination tonight
Jess Meuse — She takes the seat that should belong to Sam Woolf

And heading home tonight on American Idol is …. C.J. Harris.

Thank you, voters.

Now wise up to Jess Meuse’s talent, because she should not be the next contestant to head home.

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