Hurling with less than a full squad

Stephan from Germany left this comment on my About page :

We stumbled on to hurling in an Irish pub in my neighborhood and we thought about doing it here. But the Irish told us that is it too late to start for me and my friends. We are almost 40. For me, you have showed that is it possible to get in shape and play actually Hurling.

I like your site very much. I am looking for some advice, like what kinds of training plays could be done with a much smaller group of players than 15.

Can you help me out?

To play with less than 15 players per side, just shorten the pitch. I’ve played with as little as seven people per side, and we simply shared the same goalkeeper. He just tried to block all the shots. To ensure fair play, whenever a side gained possession of the ball, they were required to move it to center pitch before bringing it toward the goal again.

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