Hurling documentary in the works

Hurling enthusiast Kristopher Wells, who runs a club in Georgia, is working on a documentary about how and why the sport is seeing such an upswing here in America. Check out his promotional clip.

The various interview subjects hit upon the key aspects that are drawing more and more people to the game — its cultural relevance, the even playing field new players enjoy, the skills that are a joy to learn (though difficult to master), and the comradery players feel. Every single one makes this sport something special.

If you haven’t ever tried the game of hurling, check out this page on U.S. hurling clubs. Send their contact person an e-mail and you are sure to find someone who’s eager to spread the gospel. If you do, be prepared for an amazing amount of enthusiasm to come knocking on your door.

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Scenes from the 2012 hurling final: Galway v. Kilkenny

The big All-Ireland Senior Hurling final ended in a shocker — the first draw since the 1950s. That means that Kilkenny and Galway will battle it out in another full game for the title of all-Ireland winner. Ironically, the same happened in the minors.

The replay game has been set for Sunday, Sept. 30.

CANNING: As expected, Galway’s Joe Canning was pivotal for his team, scoring the county’s first goal.

CANNING 2: A look at Canning’s shot on goal in the first half.

WHISTLES: There were plenty of “frees” in the game. Early on Kilkenny missed most of their efforts to score points, often going wide of the goal posts.

KICK STARTED: In the second half, Kilkenny finally came alive with a strong run to catch up to Galway.

SHEFFLIN: Kilkenny’s man of the match was certainly Henry Shefflin, who evened up the game in the 50th minute. From then on, Galway was kept busy catching up to Kilkenny. The game ended in a tie, meaning the teams will play again on Sept. 30 to determine the winner of the All-Ireland.

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Everything’s sunny in Philadelphia when you’re hurling

HOME TEAM: Philly (in gold and blue) battles St. Louis in an early hurling match at the 2012 North American County Board finals that brought teams from as far away as Vancouver, Canada, and San Diego, Calif.

Things are going well at the first day of the North American County Board championships here in Philly.

So far I’ve watched five or six games and all of the ones I have seen have been quite good and plenty competitive. Sure there have been a few blowouts, but somehow I’ve managed to miss those ones.

The day has been really hot — and not a cloud in the sky — as teams battle it out at Philadelphia’s Pennypack Park.

I was hoping to offer some photos of the action, but I just don’t have the camera for it. If your squad happens to have a photographer along for the Nationals, send me some pictures or even a link to your pictures. Mail them to

You can see some of the scores over on twitter by searching the #NACB keyword.

NACB TOURNAMENT: If you’re not playing, the best place to be is heading under the refreshment tents.

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A new look for Hurley to Rise

Welcome to the new version of Hurley to Rise. The new home will provide the blog smoother uploads and editing.

NEW LOOK: Hurley to Rise's new look

All my old posts are here too, though they might look a little weird for a while until I work backwards and adjust them to the new look.

So please be sure to bookmark this site, unbookmark the old site and check back for new posts every week or so.

My “Fall season” is supposed to begin in October, so I’ll have plenty of things to talk about, not to mention the fact that I still have lots of things to say about the summer season.

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