“Hurley to Rise” is written by news editor John Simcoe and chronicles his efforts to learn more about the traditional Irish sport of Hurling. The lacrosse-like game, which is played in only a few of America’s biggest cities, is immensely popular in Ireland thanks to its roots in Gaelic history.

John’s goals are:
1) To learn how to play hurling.
2) To get in shape in order to do so.
3) To learn more about hurling, its 3,000 year history and help further introduce it to America.

John, who is not of Irish decent, figures there will be plenty of challenges ahead since he knows of no other hurlers in York County. Still, he’s hoping to build up enough interest to field a team out of the southcentral Pennsylvania area.

Since beginning the blog in 2009, John has joined up with the Baltimore Bohemians, a Gaelic Athletic Association club, that plays against teams from Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.

If you are interested, here’s more on John’s interests.