The longest game of hurling

Posted by on December 7, 2012 in GAA, Ireland, Irish culture

The Cloughbawn GAA in Wexford hosted a 24 hour game over the summer, a feat that landed the game in the Guinness Book of World Records., a “man’s stuff” website from the Emerald Isle, posted a story this week about a County Wexford, Ireland, hurling club that went the extra mile.

Well, not the extra mile, but the “extra time” by hosting a game that lasted 24 hours. The guys should be doubly proud of themselves, since they also managed to nab a spot in the upcoming Guinness Book of World Records for their feat of sportsmanship

According to the article, the game included 46 players and ended with a score of 217-324  to 220-286. That all adds up to a match with 975 points scored by the winning team and 946 for the losers.

If you think your goalkeepers are moody, just imagine how awful those goalkeepers felt after a game like that.

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  1. Hi. Bysome strange coincidence I stumbled across this article on your website. I was one of the co-organisers of this event and I also played for over 16 hours of the 24. It was great fun to be involved with both on and off the field. I set up a facebook page where we generated huge interest by taking the mick with some pictures of players we found and we also put together a simple promo video to generate interest. As it;s hard to raise a few quid, it was to generate funds for the club but it ended up being so much more. It was a complete community effort with hundreds of people coming to see what was going on

    Actually the club are presenting the certificates on June 22nd but unfortunately I have since moved to the Middle East so I’ll await the post.

    Feel free to check out our Facebook page!


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