Play hurling in Akron

Posted by on October 12, 2012 in Games and Tournaments

The annual Al O’Leary Hurling tournament is set for Saturday, Oct. 20, in the Akron, Ohio, area.

Visit the Akron hurling club at

According to the announcement from Akron Celtic Guards Hurling Club, teams from Indianapolis, Purdue University and Pittsburgh will be attending the event at Akron Indoor Soccer (73 West Rosewood Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44301).

The tournament will also host an opportunity to pick up hurling supplies from P. O’Kane Hurls.

Is your club planning a hurling event? Send me the information at, and I’ll post it here at Hurley To Rise at no charge to you. Posting here may help you pull in additional teams and even some new players!

After your event, send me photos and a report, for a follow up post! Event reports can further help you draw in additional talent to your club.

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