On St. Patrick’s Day, you should be hurling

Posted by on March 16, 2012 in Hurling in America

The most Irish of all Irish holidays is upon us, and that means hurling clubs around the U.S. are out in force in their local media. Their job? Promote the sport. Recruit more players. And befuddle the broadcasters.

Most Americans have three reactions when they hear about hurling. First and foremost, they make a joke about the name of the sport and make sure their hurler isn’t actually talking about curling, the shuffleboard-on-ice game. Next they make a joke about drunken Irishmen swinging sticks at each other. And lastly, and most importantly, they acknowledge that it seems to be a pretty awesome game.

With that in mind, here’s a round up some of the hurling promotions that have hit the U.S. airwaves recently.

Members of the Baltimore GAA talked with the 98 Rock morning show.

The Baltimore GAA talked to the morning DJs of the city’s 98 Rock station.

Listen to the broadcast here: http://kiwi6.com/file/38638mcpe0

Meanwhile, members of the Indy hurling club talked with Indianapolis’s Nuvo magazine in this article.

Likewise, the Orlando Hurling Club was featured here in Orlando Weekly.

The Eugene Trappers from Oregon are touting a great video they produced last year. http://youtu.be/GewZfK4v5rk

And, of course, there’s a bazillion clubs participating in St. Patrick’s Day parades from Coast to Coast. Many others go another route: They’ve scheduled a practice or an exhibition game.

But the best publicity ever? That’s from the Allentown Hibernians’ hurling club. They’re getting into the action with coasters that will be tucked under everyone’s St. Patty’s Day glass of Guinness.

The Allentown hurling club, found at pahurling.com, is promoting their club with coasters for local saloons.

Good thinking, guys!

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