Hurling coverage resurfaces in America

Posted by on April 30, 2010 in GAA, Ireland, Video, Watching

Updating a previous post of mine,, a Web site that covers hurling and gaelic football, says here that a new channel will be offering gaelic game coverage to North America.MHz logo

MHz, which is a small network based out of Washington, D.C., is part of the lineup for some cable and satellite systems. Comcast, Dish and DirecTV are all listed as showing MHz, but the organization of the list implies that it only offers service to customers in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Regardless, you can bet I’ll be checking my version of Dish Network when I get home.

(Thanks to Mark for the tip!)
This news gives me an opening to point those interested in hurling to a few additional Web sites, particularly if you’re a fan of  so-called “top-level play,” which means “games that feature athletes who don’t get paid, but could outrun, outhit and outlast high-paid jocks like A-Rod”:

  • Hoganstand, which is a magazine in Ireland, has a site that allows users to get a wide variety of game stories from across the country. To me it seems to be the best source of information on a daily basis.Sliotar Issue 4
  • The Irish Independent, Ireland’s biggest newspaper, offers daily coverage on the sports too, but seems to lack the broad coverage Hoganstand offers.
  • Sliotar is an online magazine that you can have e-mailed to you for free in PDF format. Aside from match coverage, it usually contains a historical features too. “Sliotar,” by the way, is the Irish word for a hurling ball.
  • Hurling World offers news too, but the best part of it for me is that they have an extensive YouTube library of game clips available.

Of course, all that may be just too much “inside baseball” for the average American who’s actually playing hurling. In a later post, I’ll try to point you to some sites that offer tips on playing the game.

Got any hurling sites you like? Give me some ideas by commenting!

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